Heartmate Php

Use of HeartMate PHP Stopped After Death, Complications

HeartMate PHP use has been stopped after a malfunction precedes death.

Abbott Laboratories acquired Minnesota medical device maker St. Jude Medical in January. In a 2015 deal, St Jude Medical had acquired HeartMate PHP.

During procedures to unclog blood vessels, the HeartMate PHP catheter is Heartmate PHPinserted in the heart to keep blood flowing. The device is used inside the heart with no need for open-chest surgery.

As recently as September, the device received praised from the medical community.

Now, the Lab is putting an end to the commercially successful blood pumps use in the United States and Europe after several malfunctions and a patient death.

One malfunction of the device led to irregular blood flow requiring an emergency medical intervention to save a patient, while another case resulted in a death related to sepsis following the intervention.

In a statement, Abbott Labs gave the following information related to HeartMate php:

“This step is being taken as a precaution due to reports of a small number of clinical events associated with pump stoppage during support of high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) patients in both clinical and commercial uses.”