When someone else is responsible for one’s pain and suffering, a lawsuit can result.   Medical Claim Legal can help you obtain compensation for you and your loved ones.

Types of Pain and Suffering

There are two types of pain and suffering – physical and mental.

pain and sufferingPhysical – this type of pain and suffering is simple.  For example, if you are in a car accident and break your arm, the breaking of the arm is the physical damage.  The doctor’s visits, physical therapy and medication costs all relate to physical damage as well.   A more complicated example: if you trip and fall in a store parking lot and bump your head, the initial bumps, bruises and cuts are just some of the physical damage.  If you develop additional symptoms after the fall that lead to further damages (consultations, surgeries, medication), these are all considered physical damages as well.

woman asleep and man disappointed

Mental – this type of pain and suffering generally occurs after an initial injury.  Going back to the broken arm example, if the car accident causes you to lose sleep and have anxiety, you might seek psychiatric help.  These consultations would fall under the mental side of  pain and suffering. Other types of mental effects are stress, humiliation, depression, loss of appetite, and fear.

Measuring Pain and Suffering

It is very hard to quantify pain and suffering and even harder to compute a dollar amount pertaining to a certain injury.  In a personal injury case, it is the court’s  responsibility to determine what the pain and suffering at hand is worth.  Getting the right legal representation is crucial in making sure you get proper compensation.

Why Medical Claim Legal is Right For You

We have access to lawyers who have extensive experience in maximizing the amount awarded for pain and suffering in personal injury cases.  A consultation with us comes at no cost to you.  Contact us today so we can get you the financial compensation you deserve.

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