Palsy means paralysis usually combined with involuntary tremors.  There are many types of palsy that can affect the human body.  Under certain circumstances, the reason for the palsy can lead to civil lawsuits.  Many of the lawsuits involving palsy originated as a result of medical negligence during birth  in a hospital. There are many cases where victims are being paid financial compensation.  Medical Claim Legal can assist you in making a claim.

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Three types of palsy, typical at birth, are common in lawsuits:  Cerebral, Brachial Plexus and Erb’s Palsy.

Cerebral – the most common type of palsy, involves the improper development of the brain while in the womb or shortly after birth.  There are two types of Cerebral Palsy:

  • Congenital – brain damage occurs while in the womb or during birth
  • Acquired – brain damage occurs during the first month of a baby’s life

Brachial Plexus – involves the groupings of nerves in the shoulder and neck area that control the movement of the arm.  A complete plexus palsy means that the child can not move his or her arm, hand and wrist.  Most cases occur when there is difficulty in the birthing process.

Erb’s – a type of Brachial Plexus palsy.  If the damage to the nerves only affects the shoulder and elbow, it is considered Erb’s palsy.

Medical Negligence and Palsy

Although medical professionals are responsible for millions of successful births each and every year, unfortunately not every birth goes according to plan.   If doctors and nurses make negligent decisions while a baby is being born,  the medical professionals can be held accountable.  Here are some examples of decisions that are considered to be negligent and may result in palsy:

  • improper or unnecessary pulling/tugging during traditional childbirth
  • failure to decide when or if to perform a Caesarean section during childbirth
  • improper monitoring during pregnancy

Why Medical Claim Legal is Right for Your Case

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The diagnosis of palsy in a newborn  is a devastating event.  If you believe your child’s condition was due to medical negligence while in the hospital, you should seek help.  Contact Medical Claim Legal for a free consultation today and take the first step in collecting the financial compensation you deserve.

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