Most of us are familiar with the term identity theft – when someone hacks into your personal information and uses your identity for their financial benefit.  This act generally involves a single person or a group of people performing a criminal act, but others can be held accountable for the failure to safeguard properly your personal data.  Data breaches are serious incidents and when a company is at fault for making your personal information available, it can be liable.  Medical Claim Legal can help you if a company has put your private information at risk.

Types of Data Breaches

According to CSID, a leading global provider of identity protection, 62% of all information breached is credit and debit card information.  Other types of information that can be breached include social security number, bank account information, stock market accounts and medical information.

Major Companies That Have Had Data Breaches

Some of the biggest and most well known companies in the world have had data breaches that have  exposed private information of their customers.  Here is a list from Statista of some of the most notable companies that have had recent data breaches:  data breach 2

  • Adobe (2013)
  •  Ebay (2014)
  • Heartland (2009)
  • T.J. Maxx (2007)
  • AOL (2005)
  • Sony PSN (2011)
  • US Military (2009)
  • Target (2014)

According to a recent USA Today article, 43% of companies had some sort of data breach in the past year.

How Medical Claim Legal can Help You 

A data breach that results in your private information getting into the wrong hands can be a trying time.  Medical Claim Legal has a network of lawyers who can help you get the compensation you deserve.  Do not let large corporations go unpunished for negligently making your private information available to the public. Contact Medical Claim Legal today.

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