Radium is a highly radioactive chemical element.  It is a soft,  silver metal used in paints to make them shiny, especially in watch and clock hands.  The chemical is rarely used today because of its high radiumradioactivity and toxicity. Medical Claim Legal  can help those who have been affected by exposure to this dangerous substance.

History of Radium

Radium was discovered by Pierre and Marie Curie in 1898.  Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that, in low dosages, it can be used to treat cancer that has spread to human bones.   Quickly there was a boom of radium products in the marketplace.  The true danger of its radioactivity was not yet known.  Then came an infamous incident involving a group of young female factory workers in the early 1900’s called the “Radium Girls.”  These women were tasked with painting the numbers and dials of clocks and watches with glowing paint known as “The Undark.”  Here is a brief recap of the Radium Girls and their story:

Is There Still Risk Today?

Although it is now commonly understood that using radium is unsafe, it is still present in our environment.  Radium is a naturally occurring element in our atmosphere; therefore, humans are exposed to low doses of it on a regular basis.  Oilfields are hotbeds for the chemical and are at the center of more recent legal action.  Oilfield cleanup has exposed workers to high levels of the chemical and the oil companies are being held accountable.

Symptoms of Radium Exposure

If you have been exposed to higher than normal levels of the element, certain side effects may occur:

  • anemia
  • fractured teeth and teeth that fall out
  • cataracts
  • bone cancer
  • death

Why Medical Claim Legal is Right For You

Medical Claim Legal has access to lawyers with extensive experience in chemical poisoning litigation.  Contacting us comes at no cost to you and could lead to financial compensation. If you or a loved one have been affected by exposure to radium, contact Medical Claim Legal today for help.

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