Anesthesia is a common method of regulating pain during medical procedures.  While mostly safe, there are some risks involving anesthesia.  These risks sometimes lead to complications during the procedure or during the recovery process.  If you have had anesthesia complications, you may be entitled to compensation.  Medical Claim Legal can help you get the representation you deserve.

Types of Anesthesia Errorsanesthesia

Even with extensive preparation and fact checking, medical professionals still make errors when it comes to the administration of anesthesia. Anesthesia technicians are responsible for doing background checks on each patient to make sure the proper drug and the right dosage of the drug is used.  They are also in charge of making sure the medical equipment is up to date and properly maintained.     Here is a list of some errors that can happen relating to anesthesia:

  • Improper dosage
  • Wrong drug for specific patient
  • Use of broken/faulty equipment
  • Improper monitoring of unconscious patient
  • Disregard of vital sign monitor during procedure
  • Incorrect reaction to vital sign monitor information
  • Improper explanation of procedure to patient

Types of Complications from Anesthesia Errors

There is a wide range of complications that are the result of anesthesia errors.  They can be as mild as sickness or headaches and as severe as brain damage and death.  The suffering, pain and financial obligation caused by your complications from negligent anesthesia use can result in a legal claim against your medical provider.  The difference between a side effect from anesthesia and a complication from anesthesia can be small.  Do not assume your symptoms are side effects.  Consult with Medical Claim Legal today.

Why Medical Claim Legal is Right for You

You will get the representation you deserve by consulting with one of the lawyers affiliated with Medical Claim Legal.  If your injury was the result of negligent anesthesia use by your medical provider, we can help you.  Get the compensation you deserve.  Contact us at Medical Claim Legal today.

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