“Phantom” Motrin Recall Lawsuit Resolved with Settlement

The “phantom” Motrin recall lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson has been resolved.

In the “phantom” Motrin recall in 2009, Johnson & Johnson hired a company to secretly purchase packets of defective Motrin from stores to avoid the public spectacle of a recall. This led to a lawsuit issued by the state of motrin recallOregon.

On Thursday, the Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum confirmed that a settlement had been reached. Johnson & Johnson is set to pay $400,000.

In 2008, Johnson & Johnson had discovered that some sets of Motrin were failing to dissolve properly. However, an official Motrin recall did not come until February of 2010.

The case was settled this week with no admission of wrong doing from the pharmaceuitcal giant.

In a statement, a Johnson & Johnson spokesperson insists “there was never a health or safety risk associated with the Motrin medicines at issue in the case, and we remain committed to providing consumers with safe and effective over-the-counter medicines.”