Product Liability Judgments Near $2B for J&J More Rulings to Come

Product liability judgments against Johnson & Johnson totaled nearly $2B in the last year.

Johnson and Johnson lost 6 out of 7 product liability claims in 2016. The cases have been noted as the largest jury verdicts over product defect claims in America. Product liability

Beyond these judgments, there are tens of thousands of potential cases against the brand. Potential legal issues are related to hip replacements, pelvic mesh, and baby powder among other product liability claims.

5 products have the company facing 100,000 claims with Johnson and Johnson admitting that the numbers are continuing to increase.

Johnson & Johnson Product Liability Judgments

Bloomberg outlined Johnson & Johnson legal failures like so:

  • Hip implant, Dallas: for $1 billion
  • Hip implant, Dallas: $502 million
  • Talc, St. Louis: $72 million
  • Risperdal, Philadelphia: $70 million
  • Talc, St. Louis: $70 million
  • Talc, St. Louis: $55 million

Baby/ Talc Powder Product Liability Lawsuits

Nearly $200m was set to go to judgments related to baby powder cases. In fact, Johnson & Johnson lost three straight trials where a judge found that their talc-based products caused ovarian cancer.

Pelvic Mesh Lawsuits

The pelvic mesh suits are the largest of the product liability claims. Nearly 55,000 claims are pending for legal compensation due to the implant. Claims assert that the pelvic mesh implants manufactured by Johnson and Johnson erode.

Hip Replacement Lawsuits

Later on in 2016, the company received a judgment to pay 6 plaintiffs $1B in compensation for their Pinnacle hip implants. Their woes are still lingering in 2017, there are currently more than 8,000 suits for the products.

Risperdal Lawsuits

The number of Risperdal cases has grown to 18,500. The treatment for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and irritability caused by autism cause Johnson and Johnson $70 million in product liability last year.

Financial Compensation from Johnson and Johnson

As the number of legal cases again Johnson and Johnson continue to grow, the chances of you qualifying for compensation avails. If you or a loved on believe suffered  pain, suffering, or death due to pelvic mesh, talcum powder, a pinnacle hip replacement, Xarelto, or Risperdal, you could be entitled to financial compensation.  The Medical Claim Legal team can connect you with the money that you deserve. Get connected with a dedicated attorney today.